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26 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
99629 ZCS Mobile - abbeym VERI FIXE Chrome: Contacts/calendar/mail folder are not displayed. 2016-03-01
99853 ZCS Install jbryan VERI FIXE Chrome : Login page not displayed in Patch 3 build. 2015-06-10
98327 ZCS EWS - Se psurana VERI FIXE Outlook 2011 with EWS deletes shared contacts folder 2016-01-10
74953 ZCS Mail - S pathakc VERI FIXE mail items deleted by IMAP and not expunged can cause performance issues 2016-06-10
91316 ZCS Calendar vbellows VERI FIXE Calendar location truncated with room and phone number 2015-06-05
99594 ZCS EWS - Se rdesai VERI FIXE Accessing message via EWS strips out MIME image data 2015-06-08
97552 ZCS Mail - W vbellows VERI FIXE Editor Won't Accept Paste Image From Clipboard 2016-01-29
98273 ZCS Conn for dbound VERI FIXE {WAITSETS} Waitset requests causing server load (prevent multiple WAITRQST threads) 2016-01-22
98833 ZCS EWS - Se psurana VERI FIXE EWS - Error in getFolder 2016-06-17
95414 ZCS Mobile - kkakani VERI FIXE Windows RT - IE defaults to Mobile client interface 2016-01-20
71695 ZCS IMAP/POP pathakc VERI FIXE Emptying the trash via IMAP should move the emptied messages to the Dumpster 2017-04-20
99179 ZCS Calendar vbellows VERI FIXE Modify recurring appointment - custom repeat shows incorrect values 2015-08-19
96516 ZCS Mobile - sprasad VERI FIXE Failure in syncing local filtered messages from Mobile 2015-06-08
96734 ZCS Admin - gren.elliot VERI FIXE Setting time zone for COS to 'GMT +02:00 Harare, Pretoria' in admin console throws an error 2015-06-08
96847 ZCS Mail - W eyarkon VERI FIXE collapse/expand arrow is selecting the item in folder chooser dialog/drop-down 2015-06-09
99818 ZCS Conn for dbound VERI FIXE {WAITSETS} Sluggish Outlook UI and possible Deadlock caused by use of m_csMgr in WaitsetMgr functions 2015-10-15
97672 ZCS Calendar gren.elliot VERI FIXE Lots of "Committed before 401 null" warnings in zmmailboxd.out 2015-06-08
97792 ZCS Mobile - kkakani VERI FIXE Not able to permanently delete messages from trash while in message view 2015-06-05
98420 ZCS Mail - W vbellows VERI FIXE Unable to Paste an image from the clipboard into the html editor body using Ctrl-V 2016-07-12
98512 ZCS Mail - W vbellows VERI FIXE Cursor remains or highlighted in Body instead of 'To' field from HTML Compose Window. 2015-07-15
84629 ZCS Mail - S psurana VERI FIXE Enhancement request to add LC value for WAITSET_TIMEOUT 2016-06-16
98255 ZCS Conn for dpitt VERI FIXE {FREEBUSY}{STABILITY} Outlook 2010 crash viewing meeting request Scheduling tab 2017-09-28
98786 ZCS Mail - W conrad.damon VERI FIXE Returns stripped when composing in HTML via deep link 2015-06-05
98895 ZCS Mail - W eyarkon VERI FIXE Shift+tab is inconsistent ; different from using TAB 2015-06-05
98584 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client VERI FIXE Scroll bar goes crazy in Move Message dialog window 2016-01-19
99443 ZCS Tech Doc gneumann VERI FIXE Patch Release Notes: include all node types where patch should be installed 2015-07-23
26 bugs found.
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