Sat Feb 4 2023 14:47:43 UTC
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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
107979 ZCS Other - bugs.other.server RESO FIXE S/MIME certificate not seen in Contact Properties 2017-09-28
106132 ZCS IMAP/POP bugs.imap.pop.server RESO FIXE Can't Disable External Imap and pop3 Access through cos and per user basis 2017-09-28
102930 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad RESO FIXE EWS Sharing - Handle sync of shared folders on remote node 2017-09-28
107921 ZCS Admin - bugs.admin.console RESO FIXE Admin UI session not invalidated on logout [CWE-384] 2017-09-28
97710 ZCS Tasks - sprasad RESO FIXE Tasks causing slowness from ZWC and consuming CPU resources 2018-02-09
35115 ZCS Director pshao RESO FIXE RFE: Handling multi-valued zimbraAuthLdapURL 2018-04-12
108928 ZCS Other - bugs.other.server RESO FIXE [Defanger] Specific message causing defanger to loop and cause high CPU load 2018-04-16
108777 ZCS EWS - Se nilam.raut RESO FIXE Calendar read only on MacOS High Sierra with Exchange Account 2018-05-09
108894 ZCS Admin - bugs.admin.server RESO FIXE Redact Admin SOAP API zimbraSSLPrivateKey access [CWE-199] 2018-05-10
108506 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client VERI FIXE Different date shown for Recurring Appointment Instance 2018-05-24
107922 ZCS Admin - bugs.admin.utilities VERI FIXE Missing jar files of the Jackson Project prevent zmsoap --json from working 2018-05-24
107700 ZCS Mail - W yasuko.komiyama RESO FIXE Some Spaces removed in RFC 2047 encoded subject 2018-08-14
107948 ZCS Admin - bugs.admin.console RESO FIXE Persistent XSS - mail addrs [CWE-79] 2019-05-28
109012 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client CLOS FIXE Account Enumeration [CWE-203] 2019-05-28
14 bugs found.
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