Sun Feb 5 2023 05:28:07 UTC
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26 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
104578 ZCS Other - rambasta RESO FIXE Pagination support for SyncGalRequest. 2017-02-11
103402 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client RESO FIXE Very long range appointment causes script error and leaves the browser unresponsive 2017-02-10
30708 ZCS Calendar heswaran RESO FIXE Warn user if scheduling an appointment in the past 2017-02-11
105196 ZCS Install mmcgillis RESO FIXE swatchdog alerts are tagged as spam when DKIM is in use 2017-02-10
96078 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad RESO FIXE EWS Sharing - Delayed syncing of few folders in mounted share in Macoutlook 2017-02-11
106784 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client RESO FIXE Changing of calendar "Show reminders (zimbraPrefCalendarApptReminderWarningTime)" preference sends zimbraPrefCalendarWorkingHours in ModifyPrefsRequest 2017-02-11
107601 ZCS Contacts bugs.contacts.server RESO FIXE SyncGalRequest throws error if galsync account and user account are not on same host. 2017-02-11
107602 ZCS Contacts bugs.contacts.server RESO FIXE SearchGalRequest throws NPE, if no galsync account present 2017-02-11
107106 ZCS Install bugs.install.upgrade RESO FIXE Convertd failed after upgrade to 8.7.1 from 8.7.0 2017-02-11
107603 ZCS Install bugs.install.upgrade RESO FIXE Upgrade log showing wrong upgrade paths 2017-02-11
107606 ZCS Install bugs.install.upgrade RESO FIXE Rolling upgrade from network to network ,gives warning of switching to FOSS. 2017-02-11
107607 ZCS Install bugs.install.upgrade RESO FIXE upgrade step for 8.7.2 2017-02-11
107635 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server RESO FIXE oo_linux_install_path is not set in fresh installation 2017-03-01
107153 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client RESO FIXE Image within signature is broken in reply/forward window 2018-03-29
106409 ZCS Mobile - RESO FIXE Problem using mobile web client in french 2017-04-06
107604 ZCS Other - bugs.other.server RESO FIXE unknown document" exception for some requests on 8.7.2 build on RHEL machines 2017-02-21
104027 ZCS Mail - W kalpesh.patel VERI FIXE Mail list view is not refreshed when deleting mails in message view 2017-04-04
103534 ZCS Calendar kumars VERI FIXE Enter key in "Show appointment through" date field doesn't refresh the page state 2017-01-25
103339 ZCS Mail - W tkhandelwal VERI FIXE compose new email issue with scrollbar 2017-01-25
106661 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client VERI FIXE Chrome: "Script Error: Cannot read property 'parentAppCtxt' of null" when accepting share from new window 2017-10-06
102980 ZCS Zimlets jsojitra VERI FIXE Some zimlet does not display dismiss text in Dismiss button of Dialog. 2017-01-25
103456 ZCS Calendar tkhandelwal VERI FIXE start and end time is not checked in Print dialog 2017-01-25
104303 ZCS Other - tkhandelwal VERI FIXE Remove error msg which lists supported browsers 2017-01-25
107605 ZCS Install jsojitra VERI FIXE 8.7.2 to 8.7.2 (same version) upgrade removes service, zimbra & zimbraAdmin war contents 2017-02-21
107478 ZCS Mail - W kalpesh.patel VERI FIXE Issue with deleting mass mail 2017-02-23
107609 ZCS Install bugs.install.upgrade RESO WORK UBUNTU12 network upgrade fails due to LDAP service start failed 2017-02-11
26 bugs found.
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