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119 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
106861 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client UNCO --- Impossible to delete message with french language 2016-12-28
97345 ZCS Admin - bugs.admin.console NEW --- Force delete domain should delete the account used as alias in other account and resp alias too 2016-06-22
97786 ZCS Admin - bugs.admin.console NEW --- force delete fails when domain has a DL 2016-06-22
97856 ZCS Admin - bugs.admin.console NEW --- Wrong alert message to delete domain alias 2015-10-20
103993 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client NEW --- Attendee's response info getting lost for an instance when rest series is deleted 2016-02-15
97477 ZCS Contacts bugs.contacts.web.client NEW --- Warn message should pop up when user tries to delete a contact which is already present in the Contact Group 2015-02-01
103987 ZCS Contacts bugs.contacts.web.client NEW --- Delete and undo contact >> list view as well as right pane doesn't update properly. 2016-02-15
104472 ZCS Contacts bugs.contacts.web.client NEW --- Deleted Contacts still shows in Contacts folder. Required explicit refresh. 2016-04-06
106805 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- Mail Item newer than zimbraPrefTrashLifetime in Sub-Folder under Trash is deleted 2016-10-07
103342 ZCS Briefcas bugs.briefcase.web.client NEW --- Number of versions is not updated, if one or more versions are deleted. 2016-01-28
104258 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.server NEW --- Calendar : Responded and future instances of 'all day' recurring meeting gets deleted from organiser's calendar if attendee responds to any instance out of the series 2017-03-23
103307 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client NEW --- Tab order is not working for (Dumpster)Recover Deleted item dialog. 2016-01-18
103381 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client NEW --- Deleted message from Draft folder still shows in Draft folder: Required explicit refresh) 2016-01-18
103782 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client NEW --- "Item "XXX" does not exist." when hit delete for deleted conversation 2016-02-04
104792 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client NEW --- The data remain 2byte after delete the message on ZWC 2016-04-28
103351 ZCS Mobile - NEW --- Task in Trash folder can not be deleted 2016-01-14
100837 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad NEW --- EWS Sharing - Delete Folder by MacOutlook user with Admin perm is not working 2016-09-14
101492 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad NEW --- Message sometimes not getting deleted from MacOutlook after hard delete from ZWC 2015-09-29
103696 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client NEW --- "The "ZmZimbraMail" application is not available or disabled." error for deleted calendar saved search 2016-02-01
103630 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client NEW --- tag should be moved to Trash when "delete" is clicked 2016-01-28
103929 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client NEW --- Remove orphan/deleted user from "Forward a copy to:" and "Send a notification message to:" mail preference 2018-04-30
103930 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client NEW --- Remove orphan/deleted user from "Forward Invites:" calendar preference 2016-02-11
103676 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.server NEW --- Delete appointment in Trashed Calendar causes Invalid Request Error 2016-04-01
101803 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client NEW --- Calendar Instance gets added back when some other instance is deleted 2017-01-30
102051 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client NEW --- Provide Shift-Delete functionality for Appointments 2015-11-02
107199 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client NEW --- RFE: never send an update, if an item is deleted from your calendar. 2016-11-08
107659 ZCS Conn for bugs.conn.for.outlook NEW --- Calendar mount points do not remove in Outlook when deleted from server 2017-02-23
107991 ZCS Conn for bugs.conn.for.outlook NEW --- Deleted Items folder appears in all delegated stores 2017-06-06
104712 ZCS Data Sou NEW --- GAL doesn't resync accounts deleted from its contacts folder 2017-06-23
105650 ZCS EWS - Se bugs.ews.server NEW --- Recurring All day instance behaves incorrectly when deleted from Native Mail app 2016-06-28
102698 ZCS IM - Ser NEW --- Provide a way to clean up zcs deleted user from openfire. 2015-12-04
102648 ZCS Internat bugs.internationalization NEW --- Incorrect tooltip is getting displayed for delete contact button 2015-12-02
105485 ZCS Localiza bugs.localization NEW --- Wrong translation to delete/cancel an appointment: Abbrechen vs. Löschen 2016-09-28
106940 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- When is "isDeleted" set to true? 2016-10-10
107353 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- Sieve: deleteheader/replaceheader operation should be written to mailbox.log 2017-02-28
107354 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- Sieve: deleteheader/replaceheader edits a wrong header if ":index N :last" points the first header 2017-02-28
107359 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- Sieve: Exception message should be the same format among addheader/deleteheader/replaceheader if header name has a non-ascii character 2017-02-28
107360 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- Sieve: Auto-Submitted header must not be edited by deleteheader/replaceheader 2017-02-28
107366 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- Sieve: deleteheader does not apply the default match-type ":is" 2017-02-28
107378 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- SIEVE: addheader, replaceheader, deleteheader do not work with Match type :value 2017-02-28
107391 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- Sieve: the behavior of :count in deleteheader/replaceheader is different from other commands 2017-02-28
107415 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- Sieve: the first letter of headers are capitalized if addheader/deleteheader/replaceheader is executed 2017-02-28
108260 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- Blob file created by editheader filter under incomming directory is not deleted 2017-08-14
100803 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client NEW --- Delete a message via keyboard delete key or delete button causes the highlight to stick to next message 2015-08-12
103585 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client NEW --- Search menu list doesn't open when we delete bubble/folder name till colon and then added colon again. 2016-01-26
103790 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client NEW --- Draft message shows attachment and remove link even when the attachment is deleted. Requires explicit refresh of draft folder to show the message correctly. 2016-02-04
104279 ZCS Mobile - NEW --- The message in Search result is not able to deleted on Mobile HTML Client if the message had been already deleted 2016-08-24
107025 ZCS Other - bugs.other.server NEW --- Delete SMIME Certificate issue 2016-10-19
103601 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client NEW --- Shortcuts like Delete, Move does not work on folders from Tree view 2016-10-14
103721 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client NEW --- "Delete" button in Preferences->Signatures is active even if there are no signatures 2016-02-02
106949 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client NEW --- Ability to remove delete permissions from the trash folder 2016-10-11
101984 ZCS Standard bugs.standard.html.client NEW --- Single quotation is shown as numeric character reference in the status message of "Delete All Items" 2015-10-27
103093 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad NEW --- EWS Sharing - Hard deleted mail not removed from shared folder 2016-01-18
104090 ZCS Mail - W conrad.damon ASSI --- IE11/MS Edge:Error: Function expected while clicking Mark as Spam/UnSpam/Delete action from New window 2016-04-11
104421 ZCS Mail - W conrad.damon ASSI --- Conv count increases even though draft has been deleted 2016-04-06
101110 ZCS IM - Web achhatre ASSI --- Script error (A "url" property or function must be specified) when trying to delete IM contact 2016-01-06
98340 ZCS Mobile - ASSI --- Autosave draft message will not get deleted when user selects 'no' at the save draft option. 2015-04-08
98121 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client ASSI --- ZMG: Randomly created folder is not deleted when deleting the Datasource. 2015-09-30
100258 ZCS Contacts heswaran ASSI --- Print/Delete button shows disable for DL 2017-05-22
97449 ZCS Mobile - kkakani ASSI --- Delete contact option should be as a toolbar button instead of in actions menu 2015-04-08
99941 ZCS Mobile - kkakani ASSI --- Deleted email is not displayed in trash until refresh/relogin. 2015-12-31
103341 ZCS Admin - kumars ASSI --- Javascript error:ZaController.prototype.changeActionsState encontered while clicking on account from deleted domain 2016-02-23
103146 ZCS EWS - Se rdesai ASSI --- MacOutlook: Mail getting deleted from Inbox when drag and dropped from Trash folder. 2016-02-04
97973 ZCS Mobile - abbeym ASSI --- Android: Not able to delete email address after adding more than one email id 2015-08-11
98153 ZCS Mobile - psurana ASSI --- Message deleted from device trash is not sync'd to server 2015-05-26
100107 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client ASSI --- Instances before the right clicked instance while modifying a series with exceptions are deleted. 2016-05-04
100598 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client ASSI --- if we delete more than one external datasource account and click on save button then both account get deleted but folders of only one account is moved to Trash folder. 2015-08-04
106108 ZCS AJAX Too conrad.damon ASSI --- Delete the timezone strings from all of the AjxMsg*.properties 2016-07-29
97952 ZCS Data Sou vmahajan ASSI --- ZMG: Introduce an option in DeleteDataSourceRequest for hard deleting the datasource data as part of the operation 2015-04-09
98321 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client REOP --- Keyboard shortcut Delete from New window/tab doesn't work 2017-05-25
97882 ZCS Contacts vbellows REOP --- IE : Clicking on 'X' icon in Email, Phone, Url, IM, date fields of Contact while editing does not delete and Save buttons stays disabled. 2015-04-08
104530 ZCS EWS - Se bugs.ews.server RESO INVA Mail deleted from one Mail app still shown in Inbox on other 2016-12-08
107414 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server RESO DUPL Sieve: the order of Received headers is changed if addheader/deleteheader/replaceheader is executed 2017-02-14
108237 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server RESO FIXE Error handling for the sieve filter matchCondition used for replaceheader and deleteheader 2018-03-07
105996 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client RESO FIXE Unable to delete email and move email in Firefox 47.0.1 2018-04-11
107222 ZCS Mail - S yasuko.komiyama RESO FIXE SIEVE: replaceheader/addheader/deleteheader should take non-ascii text parameter 2017-02-10
103458 ZCS IM - Web achhatre VERI WORK Changing language from preferences will delete the chat history. 2016-02-02
100917 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client VERI WORK Delete confirmation dialog is recognized by selenium harness after dismissal 2015-09-03
104403 ZCS Proxy bugs.proxy VERI DUPL "zimbraReverseProxyAvailableLookupTargets" shows the mailstore entry even when that store is deleted 2016-03-22
97040 ZCS Other - conrad.damon VERI FIXE "Create filter", "Edit filter", "Delete filter" buttons are missing 2018-03-28
103950 ZCS Mail - W conrad.damon VERI FIXE Error: NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI while clicking Mark as Spam/UnSpam/Delete action from New window 2016-02-23
101045 ZCS Calendar dchristiansen VERI FIXE Add unique identifier for delete confirmation dialog when deleting recurring appointments. 2015-09-14
101394 ZCS IM - Ser greg VERI FIXE Openfire: Users/Groups list in open fire will get deleted after one day. 2015-10-19
106422 ZCS Other - kalpesh.patel VERI FIXE SMIME: Delete my certificate on the server 2016-10-20
100281 ZCS Mobile - pathakc VERI FIXE Deleted/canceled appts remain on calendar 2018-02-09
101380 ZCS Other - rambasta VERI FIXE ZMG: Delete devices with invalid device tokens from zmg_devices 2015-11-09
102415 ZCS IM - Web ryadav VERI FIXE Wrong contact is getting deleted and subsequent delete operations are failing 2015-11-26
98054 ZCS Mail - W vbellows VERI FIXE Deleted message still shows in inbox. 2015-03-10
97127 ZCS Mail - W conrad.damon VERI FIXE "[object Object]" appears in toast message when delete email from new window 2015-03-10
103600 ZCS Contacts conrad.damon VERI FIXE In Contacts app, "Empty Trash" might delete contents in the shared contacts not in Trash 2016-03-15
103701 ZCS Conn for dpitt VERI FIXE {SHARING} Can't soft delete items in shared folder 2017-06-08
100164 ZCS Other - gren.elliot VERI FIXE Response for DeleteCalendarResourceRequest has changed 2016-07-22
98957 ZCS Briefcas heswaran VERI FIXE Briefcase IE11: Delete confirmation screen is hidden behind preview of pdf, word,excel files 2015-11-30
103343 ZCS Briefcas heswaran VERI FIXE Deleting a version of document, permanently deletes it. 2016-02-09
99032 ZCS Mobile - kkakani VERI WORK Delete appointment from organizer info is not send to the attendee. 2015-04-30
97857 ZCS Tasks - sdevasthali VERI FIXE Delete functionality doesn't work from tasks search window 2015-11-18
100975 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad VERI FIXE MacOutlook: Meeting instance forwarded from MacOutlook are not deleted. 2015-11-06
101183 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad VERI FIXE Calendar app: last instance of recurring meeting gets deleted on refreshing the app after creating the meeting from app. 2015-09-28
102363 ZCS Other - yasuko.komiyama VERI FIXE Translation files refer to outdated localconfig keys that were deleted for ZCS 8 2016-03-04
99036 ZCS Mobile - VERI WORK Graphical corruptions on sliding right-left to delete an email. 2015-06-08
98820 ZCS Mail - S raykini VERI FIXE For an external imap account when a message is deleted, deleted message is moved to primary account's trash 2016-07-29
101425 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad VERI FIXE Issues with hard delete sync in MacOutlook 2015-10-01
104396 ZCS Install quanah VERI FIXE default zmbackup job for delete has duplicate options listed 2016-05-31
98594 ZCS Tech Doc tpubliski VERI FIXE Delete old docs that are no longer necessary from distribution 2015-06-04
103953 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad CLOS WONT Instance gets deleted when attendee added for rest of series through Calendar app on OS X El Capitan 2016-06-14
104341 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client CLOS DUPL Cancelling series shows Accept/Decline buttons to attendee if series is deleted using "Delete this instance and all future occurrences." 2016-03-17
98720 ZCS Mail - W eyarkon CLOS INVA Got delete warning when deleting Inbox message when viewing Trash 2015-05-14
102961 ZCS Mobile - pathakc CLOS WORK Unable to get rid of deleted message 2016-07-01
100541 ZCS IM - Web rshah CLOS INVA Chat Window : SHould not be a delete icon 2015-08-07
101644 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad CLOS WORK MacOutlook: Mail not getting deleted from trash on Outlook when deleted from ZWC 2015-10-30
103883 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client CLOS DUPL User can't delete empty table by pressing Delete from keyboard. 2016-02-09
100816 ZCS EWS - Se sprasad CLOS WONT EWS Sharing - Rename/Move/Delete Folder actions not available for MacOutlook user having Manager permission 2015-09-15
102805 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client CLOS INVA X-ZIMBRA-TZ-ALIAS:Asia/Katmandu should be deleted or the value should be changed to "Asia/Kathmandu" 2015-12-16
103586 ZCS Contacts bugs.contacts.web.client CLOS DUPL Script error: Undo delete contact in Search folder 2016-01-26
103650 ZCS Contacts bugs.contacts.web.client CLOS DUPL Banner message is incorrect when you delete multiple items including Contact Group 2016-01-28
103156 ZCS IM - Web CLOS DUPL Script error (A "url" property or function must be specified) when trying to delete IM contact 2016-01-27
106167 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client CLOS DUPL Delete doesn't clear message 2016-09-19
107119 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client CLOS DUPL some time emails remain in inbox even after they are deleted or archived, till we refresh browser or view 2016-11-02
101439 ZCS Other - bugs.other.web.client CLOS DUPL Shortcut "Shift+Del" and "Shift+Backspace" do not work on Calendar, Tasks and Briefcase (All Applications -> Hard Delete item(s)) 2015-09-27
119 bugs found.
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