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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
75824 ZCS Calendar gren.elliot ASSI --- Conflict reported for Exchange hosted resource allocation in appointment that reserved it 2016-02-04
69023 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client ASSI --- Accepting the shared calendar invitation gives "NO SUCH ACCOUNT" error. 2014-08-31
67722 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.web.client NEW --- Give the option to not send cancellation message when cancelling an appointment 2014-09-02
46847 ZCS Third Pa smukhopadhyay ASSI --- iPhone 3.1.3 not showing calender invitations (meeting requests); accepting invitations not working properly 2014-09-04
43736 ZD UI - Gen bugs_desktop ASSI --- When accepting calendar invitation in my work account, the calendar drop down menu shows calendar for all my accounts 2014-11-19
38111 ZCS Conn for bugs.conn.for.outlook REOP --- {SHARING} See shared calendar information in free/busy while scheduling a meeting 2016-05-04
33722 ZCS Mail - M bugs_mail ASSI --- deprecate canonical address 2015-09-29
29724 ZCS Calendar bugs_calendar ASSI --- Calendar aggregation (REST + Web client) 2014-08-31
5837 ZCS Conn for bugs_zco ASSI --- {APPT}{INTEGRITY}ZCO Generated Meeting Response Doesn't Contain Text Summary 2014-09-04
9 bugs found.
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