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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
94012 ZCS Admin - bugs.admin.console NEW --- Add option to enable/disable zimbraMailAllowReceiveButNotSendWhenOverQuota in admin console 2014-08-29
78370 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server NEW --- RFE: Provide way to set limit for email received when zimbraMailAllowReceiveButNotSendWhenOverQuota is set to True. 2014-09-03
97366 ZCS Mail - M bugs.mta NEW --- zimbraMailAllowReceiveButNotSendWhenOverQuota is TRUE but IMAP/POP Clients can send emails without error. 2018-04-11
66643 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server ASSI --- Multiple Quota Warning messages received when two or more mails hit MTA at same time 2014-09-03
15666 ZCS Mail - S bburtin VERI FIXE ability to block send but allow receive when quota exceeded 2011-06-29
51457 ZCS Mail - S bburtin VERI FIXE zimbraMailAllowReceiveButNotSendWhenOverQuota is TRUE draft can be saved only once. 2012-12-21
70117 ZCS Mobile - dywang VERI FIXE zimbraMailAllowReceiveButNotSendWhenOverQuota doesn't affect Mobile Users 2013-07-03
75108 ZCS Mail - S jflanigan VERI FIXE zimbraMailAllowReceiveButNotSendWhenOverQuota doesn't deliver mail when over quota 2013-07-24
51445 ZCS Mail - S vmahajan VERI FIXE If zimbraMailAllowReceiveButNotSendWhenOverQuota is TRUE user can send as well as receive mails even quota exceeded. 2010-10-22
66923 ZCS Mail - M bugs.mail.server CLOS INVA over quota send/receive blocking configuration 2012-03-06
71051 ZCS Mail - M bugs.mail.server CLOS WORK zimbraMailAllowReceiveButNotSendWhenOverQuota doesn't work 2012-12-11
46256 ZCS Other - bugs_other CLOS INVA quota warning message is not received if it pushes the account over quota 2011-06-08
57949 ZCS Other - bugs_other CLOS DUPL Permit to receive only, for users that are over quota, to do not loose mail and don't send any non delivery report to mailers 2011-03-15
74380 ZCS Mail - S vmahajan CLOS WORK zimbraDomainAggregateQuotaPolicy BLOCKSEND & BLOCKSENDRECEIVE value not followed. 2012-05-21
11049 ZCS Mail - S anandp CLOS DUPL Adding soft quota and hard quota so users can stil receive messages if they reach soft quota 2011-10-03
15 bugs found.
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