Sun May 22 2022 18:09:18 UTC
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11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
97710 ZCS Tasks - sprasad RESO FIXE Tasks causing slowness from ZWC and consuming CPU resources 2018-02-09
97460 ZCS Mail - W conrad.damon RESO FIXE Need visual cue and hyperlink for url links during composing message 2018-02-09
107646 ZCS Mail - W bugs.mail.web.client RESO FIXE There is an unexpected logout for a session in the HTML client. 2018-02-09
104365 ZCS Calendar bugs.calendar.server RESO FIXE Update timezones.ics to tzdata2017b or later 2018-02-09
107826 ZCS EWS - Se bugs.ews.server RESO FIXE Implement GetStreamingEvents EWS API(Phase 1) 2018-02-09
107147 ZCS Mail - S bugs.mail.server RESO DUPL [Timezone] Time-saving change in Turkey 2018-02-09
101023 ZCS Other - heswaran VERI FIXE zimbraHelpAdvancedURL, zimbraHelpStandardURL and zimbraHelpAdminURL does not work 2018-02-09
103797 ZCS Calendar heswaran VERI FIXE Description of a previous appointment comes up when changing mode from plain-text to html 2018-04-17
100281 ZCS Mobile - pathakc VERI FIXE Deleted/canceled appts remain on calendar 2018-02-09
101584 ZCS Calendar tkhandelwal VERI FIXE QuickAdd location using GAL is not saved correctly > only name is kept 2018-02-09
97126 ZCS Other - conrad.damon VERI FIXE Script Error (this._sharesGroup is undefined) when click to "Edit Properties" folder menu 2018-02-09
11 bugs found.
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